EL Forsan Academy

Located both at Nasr City and El Sheikh Zayed City, the academy is mainly specialized in supporting people with special needs throughout mental and physical training, rehabilitation, and education with regards to behavioral intervention, social integration, modified sports’ and academic educational support.
The Academy at El Sheikh Zayed City comes as an expansion and continued success of “El Forsan Foundation” that was established since 2008, aiming at providing the appropriate environment for our students with special abilities through qualifying and employing their abilities in a manner that allows them to obtain better opportunities within the society.
All the activities that are offered during our morning and after school days, are employed to suit the needs of each student separately and according to a preset program that matches the abilities of each student independently after a set of a whole integrated evaluations are conducted covering the academic educational level, the communication skills development, the sensory integration and occupational therapy requirements, etc.

Members of the Board


Dr. Hazem El Hossieny








Dr. Ashraf Abbas

Deputy Chairman






Dr. Wael Askar


Mr. Eyad El Hossieny

Partners in Success

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